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Multi-Family Carpet is our Specialty

All of the flooring and carpet we carry is designed for multi-family communities. It is manufactured for durability and style, and will withstand lots of wear and tear and retain its original texture and color. Regardless of your budget or style, we can help you find the right flooring that reflects your community, and can handle everything your residents throw at it! Longevity is woven into every carpet we stock.


Nylon has been the most commonly used carpet fiber since the early 1960s. That’s because nylon is one of the most versatile fibers. It’s a flexible material that can be woven into almost any style of carpet. Nylon is durable, resilient, and receptive to dyeing for color versatility or uniformity. New modern nylon yarn systems are producing incredibly soft carpets. And to keep up with the activity of your units, most nylon carpets are treated with a special stain-resistant solution.

Triexta Polyester (SmartStrand®)

Trixtra Polester, or PTT, was introduced in 2001. Also called SmartStrand, Triexta Polyester is incredibly resilient and its makeup make it inherently stain resistant. Using Triextra Polyester eliminates the need for chemical stain protection. It’s so stain resistant, you can easily clean it with water. Eliminating the need for chemical cleaning agents reduces operational costs, and also promotes a healthier living environment.

Polyester (PET)

Polyester is exceptionally soft, and is known for brilliant color clarity. Polyester is also naturally stain and fade resistant, making it a long-lasting, as well as beautiful choice. While Polyester is often not as inherently resilient as nylon, Impact Floors knows how to properly install Polyester to perform well and last for years.

Solution-Dyed Polyester

Solution-dyed polyester is the most stain-resistant fiber on the market. The toughest household chemicals and stains like bleach, mustard, and red wine aren’t absorbed into its strands. Solution-Dyed Polyester is made with incredible colorfastness and won’t fade over time.

  Nylon Triexta Polyester Polyester Solution-Dyed Polyester
Style Options Excellent Good Poor Fair
Color Options Excellent Good Poor Good
Soil Resistance Excellent Fair Poor Fair
Stain Resistance Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Texture Retention Excellent Fair Fair Good

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