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Wood and Tile

Solid Wood Floors

When you choose Solid Wood Flooring, you’re choosing to install floors that will last for generations. Solid hardwood floors come in a variety of colors, including cherry, maple, oak, walnut, and beyond. We have the right Solid Wood Flooring for your project.

Engineered Wood Floors

When various hardwoods are bonded together through heat and pressure, the Engineered Wood Floors that result retain the look and feel of solid wood floors, at a more economical cost.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic is a beautiful, practical solution for floors, walls, and accenting or decoration. Naturally-resistant to stains, odors and scratches, Ceramic Tiles are used in a number of places. They’re even easy to clean!

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain is from clay and minerals, and the tiles are denser than ceramic. They’re water-resistant, and a great solution for washrooms.

Stone Tiles

Stone Tiles speak for themselves. Often laid in exotic patterns, Stone Tiles offer a timeless look. We have number of options to choose, from manufactured stone to quarry-cut limestone. Stone Tiles come in a variety of sizes, cuts, colors, and textures.

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